Jingyu Liu

Jingyu Liu is from China. She received her Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2014.

She then moved to the United States to pursue her Master degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. During that time she has developed interests in Virtual Reality(VR)/Augmented Reality(AR) experience design and high-performance visual computing. After graduation in 2016, she joined Advanced Micro Devices, Inc in California US as a software development engineer, where she gained experience with power management and automation infrastructure design for graphics cards and VR systems.

As from December 2018, she has joined the Department of Photonics Engineering at Technical University of Denmark as an ESR within the framework of RealVision Innovative Training Network, under the supervision of Professor Søren Forchhammer. She is focusing on plenoptic modeling of novel displays. Especially head-mounted displays with innovative form-factor. Related topics include physical characterization of displays and viewing set-up based on the light-field description, light projection experiments based on holographic optical elements/waveguide, quality assessment of displays and user experience design.

Email: jing@fotonik.dtu.dk


26 MAY 2019