Fangcheng Zhong


Fangcheng Zhong comes from China. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and his master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He then spent a year in the department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University where he collaborated with Prof. Jack Tumblin’s Graphics group working on light fields and real-time rendering. After that, he decided to leave Northwestern and Mathematics to pursue a career in Graphics.


He joined the Graphics & Interaction Group at the University of Cambridge in 2018 as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Rafal Mantiuk. His work mainly focuses on visual perception and computational displays. As part of the European RealVision ITN Project, he studies the integration of perceptual cues that contribute to the impression that perceived scenes look highly realistic. This involves series of experiments on a novel hyper-realistic display, proposing a model explaining the data (possibly with some machine learning component) and applying the model to address practical problems, such as how to optimally capture and display hyper-realistic video, or optimize algorithms for hyper-realistic displays.



26 MAY 2019