Anantha Krishnan


Anantha Krishnan comes from Kerala, a southern state in India. He completed his Bachelor's and Master’s in Optometry and Vision Science from the University of Hyderabad in 2018. He underwent a one-year clinical Internship at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute during the period of his course. In 2016 he completed his Bachelor's dissertation by constructing a Michelson’s Interferometer by salvaging CD/DVD drives to measure vibrations on rough surfaces under the supervision of Dr Joby Joseph at the Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, the University of Hyderabad. In this project, he developed a miniature Michelson interferometer by hacking into a DVD drive for general research applications and educational demonstration. In 2017 he started his research in the field of Low Vision optical device development where he completed his Master’s thesis by developing a “binocular telescope with mechanical focus adjustment enabled using an rangefinder for assisting individuals with Low vision” under the supervision of Dr Rishi Bhardwaj at the School of Medical Science, University of Hyderabad. Here he developed a low-cost optical device for assisting patients affected with Low vision.

Anantha Krishnan joined The University of Bangor in Wales, UK, on 1 October 2018 as a PhD student (Research Assistant) under Dr Simon Watt at the School of Psychology. As a part of the ITN RealVision project, his topic of research is to “Evaluate the effectiveness of focus cues in novel displays and content.” The motive of this research is to determine the extent to which novel display technologies (light-field, gaze-contingent, multiple-focal-planes) present a natural focal stimulus to the eye and the contribution this makes to realistic appearance. It is known that focus cues play an essential role in displays. However, most 3D display technologies do not deliver correct focus cues. Light-field displays, gaze-contingent displays, and multiple-focal-planes displays present inherently unnatural focal stimuli in one or more ways.


26 MAY 2019