Allie Hexley

Allie comes from Birmingham, UK, but spent the last five years living and studying in Boston, MA, USA. She completed her undergraduate studies at MIT in Physics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. During this time Allie visited the Paris Diderot University, Fermilab, and Caltech for summer internships. She then spent a year as a graduate student at Harvard studying Neuroscience using fiber photometry methods to study cataplexy and narcolepsy in mice.


She joined the RealVision project as an ESR at the University of Oxford in October 2018, working under the supervision of Professor Hannah Smithson in the Perception Lab. Allie’s work focuses on the intra- and inter-individual differences in colour perception, and exploiting those differences to maximize the effect of displays. Allie is particularly interested in individual differences in cone ratios and the cone mosaic, and will investigate this through indirect methods such as heterochromatic modulation photometry and direct methods such as retinal imaging using an adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope (AOSLO).


26 MAY 2019