Acoustics & Research team

The Research Group involved in RealVision is the “Acoustics & Research” team of Bang & Olufsen’s R&D department. With a staff of 30+ engineers and researchers - including 3 associate professors from Aalborg University employed for 20% of their time at Bang & Olufsen, plus 2 PhD and 1 PostDoc projects externally funded - the team has been actively involved in both internal and collaborative research projects, since 1972. Applied research is performed in areas of sound and multimodal perception, signal processing, sound field synthesis and rendering, machine learning, UX/UI and electroacoustics. The department has world class facilities in the form of several listening rooms (IEC standard), one anechoic chamber, one 12mx12mx13m space for acoustic measurements plus associated measuring equipment. In addition, Bang & Olufsen have recently set up in new facilities offering an extended range of possibilities for conducting research activities and developing innovative products.

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22 APRIL 2019