Coding & Visual Communication Group

The Coding and Visual Communication Group at DTU Fotonik focuses on image and video coding in visual communication technology and error-correcting coding in digital communication.

The image and video coding activities are directed towards visual communication technology and systems where a variety of image and video data need to be coded efficiently for optimal quality and use of the available communication bandwidth. The full signal chain from capture over coding and processing to display is considered. Further information on image and video research activities within the group:

The research in the area of error-correcting coding in digital communication focuses on the following main activities:

  • Error-correcting decoding algorithms - design and implementation
  • Receiver design
  • Advanced coding, modulation and transmission systems using iterative decoding/reception
  • Information theoretic capacity of communication systems, e.g. optical communication
  • Application of coded systems in satellite communication
  • Application of high-speed forward error-correcting coding (FEC) in optical communication


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22 APRIL 2019