Computational Imaging and Algorithms Group

Within the Audio and Media Technologies division at Fraunhofer, the research group Computational Imaging and Algorithms investigates new imaging technologies in order to create a hyper-realistic visual experience. The team covers research topics such as light-field technology as well as depth based image processing for applications like Virtual Reality.

Referring to light-field technology, the research group is responsible for the improvement of new workflows for post-production based on camera arrays and for the development of algorithms in order to generate depth maps and apply effects like refocusing and virtual camera renderings. The integration from light-field technology into post-production software is realized as a plugin for Nuke – the industry-leading compositing software – that offers additional and unseen visual effects, that with today´s tools are not available.

Further competences include the creation of compression codecs for the transmission of high-resolution image data.

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26 MAY 2019