Image Science Team (DxO)

DxO’s Image Science Team is the creator of the processing engine at the heart of all our software. Since our creation in 2003, this team has been continuously hosting PhD students. They work together with researchers and engineers to conceive state-of-the-art algorithms and stunning new features. Their creativity allows DxO to remain on top of a very competitive market. Recent achievements include our unrivaled PRIME raw denoising, innovative multi-image processing for the DxO ONE and automatic perspective correction based on AI and image analysis.

“Image quality” traditionally refers to accurately reproducing the scene. As the industry gets better and better at that, our next goal is to enhance the image beyond fidelity, targeting the photographer’s biased perception of the scene and the subject. During the RealVision project, we aim at exploring this for the problem of tone mapping, taking advantage of recent advances in computer vision and machine learning.

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22 APRIL 2019