Laboratory of Signals and Systems (L2S)

The Laboratory of Signals and Systems (L2S) is a mixed research unit between CNRS, CentraleSupelec and Univ. Paris-Sud, including more than 200 researchers. Areas of interest of the laboratory cover several scientific disciplines and mainly concern the Fundamental and Applied aspects of Mathematics at the origin of the development of signal and image processing, information theory, cryptology and control feedback theory.

L2S is structured in 3 thematic groups. Signals and Statistics Group are interested in statistical modelling and inverse problems. Systems and Control group consider fundamental questions in control feedback theory and their applications. Telecoms and Networks group carry out research in the field of wireless mobile and self-organizing networks, from physical to application layers. L2S is strongly involved in various French and European projects. PhD students in L2S are enrolled in the doctoral school of University Paris-Saclay.

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22 APRIL 2019