Outreach Activities

  1. Huawei Computer Graphics and GPU Architecture Seminar, 08.07.2021, Cambridge, UK
    To Huawei employees with ~230 attendance
    Akshay Jindal
  2. Girls in Science, 06.10.2021, Lyngby, Denmark
    To high-school students from Denmark with ~20 attendance
    Jingyu Liu
  3. HiGraphics Workshop, 2019, Kleinwalsertal, Austria
    To PhD students form Germany with ~50 attendance
    Krzysztof Wolski
  4. MCR Academic Symposium, 26.11.2019, Oxford, UK
    To graduate students of Pembroke College with ~20 attendance
    Allie Hexley
  5. PhD students Welcome Day, 14.11.2019, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
    To PhD students with 5 attendance
    Milan Stepanov
  6. Fete de la Science, 04.10.2019 - 05.10.2019, Nantes, France
    To general public with 100+ daily attendance
    Waqas Ellahi and Ali Ak
  7. University of Cambridge Open Day, 04.07.2019 - 05.07.2019, Cambridge, UK
    To general public with 100+ daily attendance
    Akshay Jindal, Dingcheng Yue and Fangcheng Zhong
  8. DxO Lab Team Review, 11.06.2019, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
    To developers and image science experts with ~15 attendance
    Abhishek Goswami
  9. Post-Grad Students’ Open Activity, 12.04.2019, Bangor, UK
    To graduate students with ~25 attendance
    Anantha Krishnan
  10. L2S PhD Welcome Day, 12.03.2019, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
    To graduate students with 15~20 attendance
    Abhishek Goswami
  11. Perceptual Audio Evaluation Training Course, 27.02.2019 - 28.02.2019, Hørsholm, Denmark
    To general public with ~30 attendance
    Randy Frans Fela
  12. VIA College International Day, 22.11.2018, Holstebro, Denmark
    To undergraduate college students with 200+ attendance
    Sarvesh Rajesh Agrawal
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