1. A Benchmark of Light Field View Interpolation Methods 
    Dingcheng Yue1, Muhammad Shahzeb Khan Gul2, Michel Bätz2, Joachim Keinert2, Rafal Mantiuk1
    1University of Cambridge, 2Fraunhofer IIS
  2. Towards a Perceived Audiovisual Quality Model for Immersive Content 
    Randy Frans Fela1, Nick Zacharov1, Søren Forchhammer2
    1SenseLab FORCE Technology, 2Technical University of Denmark
  3. No-reference Quality Evaluation of Light Field Content Based on Structural Representation of the Epipolar Plane Image 
    Ali Ak1, Suiyi Ling1, Patrick Le Callet1
    1University of Nantes
  4. Tone Mapping Operators: Progressing Towards Semantic-awareness 
    Abhishek Goswami1, Mathis Petrovich2, Wolf Hauser1, Frédéric Dufaux3
  5. View Synthesis-based Distributed Light Field Compression 
    Muhammad Umair Mukati1, Milan Stepanov2, Giuseppe Valenzise2, Frédéric Dufaux2, Søren Forchhammer1
    1Technical University of Denmark, 2CNRS
  6. A High-resolution High Dynamic Range Light-field Dataset With an Application to View Synthesis and Tone-mapping 
    Muhammad Shahzeb Khan Gul1, Thorsten Wolf1, Michel Bätz1, Matthias Ziegler2, Joachim Keinert1
    1Fraunhofer IIS
  7. HMM-based Framework to Measure the Visual Fidelity of Tone Mapping Operators 
    Waqas Ellahi1, Toinon Vigier1, Patrick Le Callet1
    1University of Nantes
8 AUGUST 2022