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The Department of Computer Science and Technology of the University of Cambridge, previously known as the Computer Laboratory, consistently ranks in the top 10 computer science departments worldwide (QS World Rankings), and has been conducting cutting-edge research in computer science since 1937. More specifically, the Graphics & Interaction Research Group ("Rainbow") has been a centre for research in computer graphics, graphical user interfaces, and novel display devices for 50 years. The group is also supported by interdisciplinary linkages across the University of Cambridge giving access to leading researchers in linguistics, physiology, psychology and other disciplines.

Graphics and Imaging Group

The Graphics and Imaging group, part of the Graphics & Interaction Research Group led by Dr. Rafał Mantiuk, investigate how the knowledge of the human visual system can be incorporated within computer graphics and imaging algorithms. The interests of the group include:

  • High dynamic range imaging
  • Display algorithms
  • Tone-mapping
  • Video coding for new display technologies
  • Image and video quality metric
  • Visibility metrics
  • Low-level perception in virtual reality
  • Computational photography
  • Computational displays
  • Novel display technologies
  • Colour perception in computer graphics
  • Novel image and video representations (beyond 2D)
  • Psychophysics
  • Modelling visual perception with machine learning
    27 MAY 2024