Industrial Forum SenseCamp'20

Friday 11 Dec 20
RealVision Team & Industrial Invitees         Hørsholm, DK
On 11th of December, RealVision organized an industrial event where two of the host institutions, i.e. Interdigital and the BBC presented their latest research topics on enhancing visual experience and its efficient coding. Benoit Vendame from Interdigital, presented an overview of the latest research on view synthesis being conducted at Interdigital and demonstrated their camera setups to capture the light field. Neus Sabater presented in depth their latest work on view synthesis utilizing light fields and Renaud Dore presented MIV (MPEG Immersive Video), its benefits and challenges in contrast to contemporary schemes. Marta Mrak from BBC, presented their work on content enhancement and video compression with the help of pixel prediction using deep learning.
6 OCTOBER 2022